noun: BrainDelta;

  1. intellectual capacity of connected individuals deposited together creating a fertile platform from which emerge ideas, solutions and probabilities.
  2. a clever team that supplies ideas and plans to its clientele at finite increments.

Our clientele:

What we do:

We provide solutions to Engineering situations. However over the years we have realised that Engineering solutions being the core, made areas we provide support limitless. Limitless in terms of domain and scale.

At the very top we do three things:

  1. we provide ideas
  2. we help you execute those ideas
  3. we help you maintain the result of this execution

Case in point:

If a client wants to increase their plants productivity by X%. We provide the required ideas, the path way and partner with the client in achieving the set target. If in doing this we are required to fabricate machines, processess, methods, software etc., we go about achieving them in accordance with our clients specifications, standards and regulations.

How we go about doing it:

What can we do for you ?